Making Decisions Based On Emotions

This is a very common mistake that many make in life period! Sometimes our emotions can change our lives in a positive way or negative way.

Often i tell people not to make decisions based on how they're feeling at that moment especially if your not in a great mood.

Emotions Makes Us Cry Sometimes And Say Things We Don't Mean
Emotions Makes Us Cry Sometimes And Say Things We Don't Mean

Emotions can also cost you a job or opportunity that may have been for you but because you are all in your feelings, your negative mood takes over and clouds your clear thinking. People make decisions based on their current financial situations. However emotions can cause negative outcomes and actions that can either change your life for the better or for the worse. So always choose your emotions, actions and thoughts wisely.

Don't make decisions based on emotions, know when the feeling is good and you truly are in your rational reality.

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