The Cake Or The Meds?

Actualizado: 1 de nov de 2020

By: Shiketa D Days

There comes a point in time when you are faced with simple decisions.

The reoccurring dilemma in life's cycles of choices. But, when something as simple as choosing to buy a cake or pay for your medication surfaces. It's time to make some big changes to break-free. Moments like this make your mind shift in directions never thought of. Are you saying hmmm.? I need a major life's makeover now. After hitting breaking point after breaking point. What sacrifice will you make today for your future tomorrow? Then it all starts to click!

I too had that moment many times. All we ever want in life is to be comfortable. To be able to live life on our own terms without struggle and pressure of worrying about paying bills versus enjoying our lives. We are slaves to the workforce. However, many are searching for freedom. The ones who seek usually find. Champions are the ones that never quit.

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